The Social Network for Politics

Tiller is the safe, dedicated space for verified registered voters to have discussions and take actions

Tiller - Where your Power as a Voter matters everyday , not just Election Day

How Tiller Works

1 Become a Verified Registered Voter

Tiller verifies your place in the national voter file and gives you an account linked to your politicians and upcoming elections. Non verified accounts can be upgraded later on.

Tiller hiw verify

2 Connect with Your Friends and Politicians

Like traditional social networks, you can follow your friends and organizations. Plus you will be connected to all of your politicians and they will know you are their voter and boss.

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3 Take Action with the Power of Your Vote

Tiller verifies voters, so any action you take - messages to politicians, approving your elected officials, even liking a post - really matters to the politicians who need your support to survive.

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